About Cion….

I am Cion and welcome to my blog

I am a true blood Pinay living in Belgium and married to a Belgian, who doesn’t love to travel. I do love travelling and …

Planning a travel is what I love most. Most of my travels are with my husband (after making an appointment with him) but I also enjoy travelling alone or with some friends.

No talent in cooking but trying hard to have one and I am happy that youtube is out there with a lot of cooking tutorials so I can learn.

Frustrated singer and dancer (I love Strictly Come Dancing).

Trying to become a good wife (lucky me, I have a good husband and not so difficult)

and my ultimate dream is to become a mother.

My ultimate dream is still in progress and after 7 years of fertility treatments (did 3 inseminations, 5 IVF’s) and no success, we decided to stop and let nature takes its course. I shedded a lot of tears knowing that I can’t be a biological mother, but instead of dwelling on the negativities, I choose to be happy.

Life is so beautiful and I will live my life to the fullest by enjoying life’s simple pleasures: may it be watching colourful skies during sunrise and sunset, birds watching, working in the garden or just talking with friends and loved ones.

Though most of the information on this site are about trips that we made, I plan to write more about the things that make me happy. We don’t do expensive and luxurious travels and I particularly set a budget for our trip. I just want to enjoy the places, its culture and food while we can still walk and have a clear eyes to see the beauty so I am not waiting for my retirement to start travelling.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.